Cristiano Ronaldo , Hardest Match of Career // 4K // EURO 2016 FİNAL

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▪▪▪ preface
Without a doubt, cristiano ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers of all time. He has put countless goals, trophies and successes in his career. No matter how many trophies every football player wins in his career, there is more happiness in winning trophies in his national team. After nearly 10 years in the national team, he achieved an incredible success with the Portugal national team in the Euro 2016 tournament. Although he was not the favorite of the tournament, he managed to make it to the final with his national team by overcoming all difficulties,
He would face France, one of the favorites of the tournament, in the final.
▪▪▪ Route to the final
After winning seven wins and 1 loss in eight matches and participating in the tournament as the winner of Group I, Portugal was placed in Group F. Portugal, which met with Iceland, Austria and Hungary in the group matches, got 5 points with 2 draws and 1 win and managed to come out of their group
Portugal, Group D leader Croatia faced each other in the last 16 round. While there was no shot in the first 24 minutes, this was a championship record, with three minutes left in overtime in the match with normal time ending 0-0, Croatia goalkeeper Danijel Subašić, who bounced Ronaldo's shot, headed the spinning ball from close range. He could not prevent the goal of Ricardo Quaresma, who hit him, and the match ended with Portugal's superiority 1-0.
Portugal faced Poland in the quarter-finals. Poland took the lead 1-0 with Robert Lewandowski's second fastest goal in the tournament's history, who sent the ball into the Portuguese nets in the 2nd minute. Renato Sanches's shot after a shot with Nani bounced off Grzegorz Krychowiak and went to Poland to make the score 1-1. As the second half of the match and both extra periods were goalless, penalty kicks were made. After Nani's penalty kick was scored, goalkeeper Rui Patrício saved Jakub Błaszczykowski's penalty. Quaresma scored Portugal's fifth penalty and secured the team's advance to the next round.
Portugal faced Wales in the semi-finals at the Olympique Lyonnais stadium. After the goalless first half, Portugal took the lead with Ronaldo's goal, who sent the ball from the corner into the Welsh nets with his head. Three minutes later, when Ronaldo's long-range shot hit Nani, the deflected ball entered the goal protected by Hennessey, and Portugal won 2-0 to qualify for the European Championship final.
Portugal, which played in the semi-finals in 1984, 2000 and 2012 in the history of the European Football Championships, lost to Greece in the final in EURO 2004, which was held at home.
Portugal, which reached the final for the second time in EURO 2016, reached its first European championship with the only goal scored by Eder in the 109th minute against the host France.
Portugal became the 10th different country to reach the European championship.
Cristiano Ronaldo had to leave the field early due to injury. With the intervention of French football player Dimitri Payet in the 8th minute of the match, Ronaldo could not continue the final match despite all his efforts. Ronaldo fell to the ground in tears 17 minutes after he was injured. Continuing to cry while being brought to the side of the field with a stretcher, CR7 could not hold back tears of joy at the end of the match. At the end of 120 minutes, the superstar hugged his teacher and friends and cried with joy this time.
In this video, I wanted to share with you the emotional moments of the most difficult match of Cristiano Ronaldo's career. I present to you the Euro 2016 final, which every football fan must watch, with my own montage interpretation. Please do not forget to subscribe to the channel in order to improve myself and to support me. enjoy watching
00:00 - pre-match and kick-off
00:51 - Nani's shot against france
01:03 - the moment dimitri payet injured ronaldo
01:34 - antoine griezmann's shot against portugal
02:00 - cristiano ronaldo crying
03:00 - sissoko's shot against portugal
03:13 - cristiano ronaldo decides to leave the match
04:03 - Cedric fouls Dimitri Payet.
04:30 - antoine griezmann's shot against portugal
04:40 - kingsley coman's shot against portugal
05:00 - eder enters the match
05:10 - olivier giroud's ball goes off the post
06:06 - pepe's shot against france
07:00 - rafael guerrero's ball goes off the post
07:13 - Edir's goal against France
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TKUNİTED 16 сағат бұрын
25+ Million Views 😍😍
adil singh
adil singh 23 сағат бұрын
you can see the sincerity when he's screaming his heart out in singing the national anthem. I consider myself amongst the many who are blessed to be given the opportunity to witness such artistry, such greatness, such finesse to enter the pitch.
Ujjwol Paudel
Ujjwol Paudel 21 күн бұрын
Goosebumps throughout 11 mintutes. CR7 - an epitome of passion, hardwork, class, and above everyone else.
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer 9 сағат бұрын
There's nothing bigger than representing our country ❤️
Wellington Costa
Wellington Costa 13 сағат бұрын
Que cara guerreiro, só saiu pq realmente não aguentou, exemplo de jogador, por isso ele é quem é
mounia himmi
mounia himmi
Me hizo salir lágrimas y se que siempre se recordará en nuestra memoria 😥😥
Sybil Rodriguez
Sybil Rodriguez 21 сағат бұрын
Ese partido fue realmente IMPRESIONANTE. Siempre lo recordare y hara que mis ojos se llenen de emocion porque el mensaje que dejo y dejara CR7 sera eterno... ¡Buen Ser Humano, hijo, Esposo y Padre! 👏👏
I actually felt some of his emotion whilst watching this. The atmosphere must've been tense and amazing. But even on the side lines he still made an impact. Coaching his players till the last second. What a player.
Nataraj Riya55
Nataraj Riya55
Cristiano Ronaldo...The Greatest player....The Legend ✨✨🌟🌟
G4m3r GD PRO :)
G4m3r GD PRO :) 28 күн бұрын
FOOTBALL RECAP 21 сағат бұрын
Yet another record today that we have mentioned in a video.. What a legend this is!
Mash Al Ain
Mash Al Ain
I can't stop myself from crying 😭😭🙏... Love CR7
Sebastian Alberca Ojeda
Sebastian Alberca Ojeda Күн бұрын
That pain was not abt the injury
After the injury I bet almost everyone was happy that Ronaldo & Portugal won it. This was absolutely amazing game especially when we saw this live, rarely we see such thrillers and in the end you just had to be happy for Ronaldo.
Chenly Art Craft
Chenly Art Craft
Aqui a gente vê o tamanho de sua paixão e honra pelo futebol e país 🥺❤
steven 14 күн бұрын
Sos mi IDOLO CRISTIANO, lloro al ver esto, me duele que sea tu ultimo mundial probablemente, y mas me duele saber que nunca te he podido ver jugar, la situacion economica me hace imposible poder ir a verte a un estadio, pero aun tengo unos 3 o 4 años maximo para seguir intentandolo y por fin cumplir mi sueño de verte jugar!
Aqui a gente vê o tamanho de sua paixão e honra pelo futebol e país 🥺❤️
Zara khan
Zara khan 18 сағат бұрын
He totally deserved that trophy❤❤❤
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