Huge 😭

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18 күн бұрын

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Алим Махов
Алим Махов Күн бұрын
Когда тебя не обнимали, мне тебя так жалко стало🥺😭
🪴Toca Girl🪴 Shorts
🪴Toca Girl🪴 Shorts 20 сағат бұрын
I'll give you a big hug from here too and I don't ask for anything for it 💗💗
hamza suver
hamza suver 20 сағат бұрын
People don't have to love have hugs especially with foreigners. ( i love hugging ss)
TNC ABHILASH & ASH 20 сағат бұрын
Poor people have the purest heart
Marie noelle Leprince
Marie noelle Leprince Күн бұрын
tu as vraiment un grand cœur ❤️ pour ça je m ' abonne
tarek alabdallat
tarek alabdallat Күн бұрын
I am an Arab and a Muslim, and we love good people, and we do not refuse to hug anyone, black or white. We are all human. I send my greetings from the Arab Kingdom of Jordan 🇯🇴
Арина Горбункова
Арина Горбункова Күн бұрын
Мне кажется тут дело даже не в цвете кожи, просто это довольно странно, когда к тебе молча в центре города подходит человек и расставляет руки. Я бы просто подумала о своей безопасности и то что он либо пьяный или обдолбаный. Если бы человек именно словами попросил бы обняться, сказал бы, что ему грустно например, тогда без проблем, какой бы он не был, я бы хотя бы не боялась за себя.
Shriyansh Pal
Shriyansh Pal 23 сағат бұрын
I am definitely sure if you were in India everyone will hug you because there is no racial discrimination in Indian people mind❤
Annie Күн бұрын
Well we can't entirely blame these people. No one would hug a random stranger they met on the streets.
Jesse Bogerd
Jesse Bogerd Күн бұрын
Youre so nice to people🥺❤
Akash Saikia
Akash Saikia Күн бұрын
A real person is the kind one ❤😢
Farris Күн бұрын
You never know, a hug can make anyone's day.
fdlap68dan Күн бұрын
Don't judge people by their skin color, everyone is the same I love you African Americans❤️
N e z k a a Beats
N e z k a a Beats Күн бұрын
Come in France, if you'll move your hand forward for handshake we'll directly hug you ❤
𝙻𝚎𝚛wa 20 сағат бұрын
He's so cute, how can you not hug him?
G ULTRA 20 сағат бұрын
life rewards you if you are more empathetic, friendly and not at all racist
Keshav 20 сағат бұрын
He seems such a nice
Anjelika Күн бұрын
Après il ne faut pas se vexé, car majorité c'est pas qu'ils ne veulent, mas c'est que dans nos jours les gens ont peur de tout et méfie de tout le monde... 🤷‍♀️ c'est triste mais c'est la réalité 😢
Hemanoel C.
Hemanoel C. Күн бұрын
You can understand that he just wants a hug, but it's a little weird for a guy to come out of nowhere wanting a hug, regardless of appearance, any stranger who approached me wanted one .We must see both points of view.
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