Parasitoid wasps: Like the Alien movies, but real!

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Team Candiru

Team Candiru

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Imagine that after it punches it's way through your chest it makes you tuck it in and cook it dinner. That's what this wasp actually does!
Cotesia golmerata, arguably the most interesting animal in all of nature. I (TC camera op James) have been trying to film this for the last three years. This was my white whale. Hope you enjoy it!
Original score by Richard Collins. Check out his other work here:
Here is a link to the specific track used in this.
Narration by Dave Gillies.
Additional footage by Richard Mann.
Special thanks to the following people.
Mark Bushell
Mark Pajak
Rhian Rowson
Dr. Gavin Broad
Prof. Marcel Dicke
Dr. Ross Piper
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Wesley Bradshaw
Wesley Bradshaw Жыл бұрын
Nature is scary in general, but insects are on a whole different level of terror.
As terrifying as this process is, I'm still of the opinion that the only naturally-derived creature that deserves to be truly, utterly extinct is the mosquito
I’ve always known a wasp did this to a caterpillar, but I never would have imagined the caterpillar to help the larvae even after they emerged from its body (The fact that it left no fatal wound shocked me completely 🤯).
What I'm most intrigued by is the "mind control" aspect of this. If she simply laid they eggs and they parasitically grew from within the caterpillar, that wouldn't be any kind of shock, but this fundamental change of behavior to become sacrificially altruistic towards the offspring of its former prey is fascinating and disturbing.
That caterpillar seems like a nice guy. He got baby wasps put in him, they ate holes thru him and he still turned around and tucked them in. Nature is definitely something else!
That's just so extreme, how such a tiny group of neurons in a tiny insect, is able to survive by completely changing the behaviour of another insect. Turning a non maternal host into the best mother ever.
Cesar Abeid
Cesar Abeid Жыл бұрын
If I'm an insect and I start hearing the soothing voice of an English voice actor, I'd know something is up
I'll never get over how privileged we are to see footage like this, simply mind blowing.
Leo Lecerf
Leo Lecerf
the fact that the caterpilar is alive and defends the wasps just blew my mind!
Nature has got to be the best source material for sci-fi authors. Amazing stuff
My daughter and I collected a cocoon and identified the moth. We watched and waited for days.. and then, after much patience and good wishes, we observed movement-- It was hatching. It was not the moth that emerged though, but a parasitic wasp.
Student Of Life
Student Of Life 21 күн бұрын
I literally had a moment where I stopped and said “wait wtf, how can this be real?” So incredible to amazed with the magic of nature
Big Daddy Patty
Big Daddy Patty Жыл бұрын
Imagine just being a chill caterpillar on a leaf then see a bunch of cameras focused around you for a documentary of wasps
Judith Crisp
Judith Crisp
The life of an entomologist is truly fascinating. My late Dad used to work as an illustrator for for an entomology research company and the illustrations (which I still have many of) he painstakingly drew by hand using microscopes to view all the minuscule details are breathtakingly amazing. Insects can really look like the monsters of our worst nightmares but on a miniature scale.
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee
My boy just wanted to finish this leaf and turn into a beautiful butterfly, but instead was forced to live through a horrific worse than death scenario
Tony Bernetich
Tony Bernetich
The Ichneumon Wasp was the inspiration for the movie “Alien.” The writer read about this species and created the storyline for the movie. Kinda interesting when the host is a caterpillar…..not quite so much when it’s a human.
HappyAs Larry
HappyAs Larry
I just looked up what benefits this little gem of a wasp has on your garden and what plants will attract them. The amount of pests they control that can ruin your hard earned work is amazing, they are like little winged crusaders.
It's incredible how you might watch Alien and think "What twisted mind can come up with a concept like this", and the reality is that it is happening all around us every day. Simply nature at its finest. Absolutely incredible. Great video.
TangoSierra74 Жыл бұрын
The fact that the larvae feed on the caterpillar’s insides without killing it, then burst out & force it to protect them until it starves to death is insane.
Prince Questly
Prince Questly
It’s just mind bending that the wasp turns the caterpillar into a zombie that changes its behavior completely.
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