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Everything Everywhere All at Once
20 tips from Martin Scorsese
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The Social Network
10 ай бұрын
Tick, Tick...BOOM!
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Raja Mohammed
Raja Mohammed 18 сағат бұрын
Screenplay and novel are different forms but screenplay writing is as hard as novel writing. Definitely no laughing matter
maosi maosi
maosi maosi 18 сағат бұрын
Jason Momoa looks pissed
Miss Informer
Miss Informer 18 сағат бұрын
That man is giving a inspiring take on his career field while eating some of the hottest wings ever. This dude is an absolute treasure we need to protect him. He's the only one left after Robin Williams and Betty White.
Patriot4TheTree 18 сағат бұрын
Hot Feva
Hot Feva 18 сағат бұрын
They sent the alert too early
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman 18 сағат бұрын
Andrew is ❤
chris 19 сағат бұрын
Fuckkk Creed 3 !!!!! Boycott 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️👊✊🖕🖕🖕
C C 19 сағат бұрын
pedophiles are not funny....:)
Simon Ho
Simon Ho 19 сағат бұрын
This is Jim's chance to divert attention away from him kissing or trying to kiss all the actors on stage without their consent...
Petek Çelebi
Petek Çelebi 19 сағат бұрын
klass freudman
klass freudman 19 сағат бұрын
Will Smith is not cool,he is not a nigga anymore!
Ace 19 сағат бұрын
He should play the next wolverine
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 19 сағат бұрын
Is he really one of the premier actors of our time? Maybe the tier below premier right?
Kelly Garnet
Kelly Garnet 19 сағат бұрын
Jonah Hill looks so bad. Omg
Ryan Townley
Ryan Townley 19 сағат бұрын
It shows u what a WEAK EVIL BETA MALE looks like that has his mother's identity and mindset. It's sad but it shows that he has anger and hate in his heart and he has love for no one nor for himself he loves his Ego more than anything else. It's sad because it shows he has the same mindset as his mother and wife and always has. He needs to go and forgive her and he can be free of her spirit. God bless this amazing country need males to go and forgive and get that mother like state away from you. God bless us all
effKay 19 сағат бұрын
Matt Damon relays stories like he’s just discovered how to square the circle. In the end it’s just a story
Some Guy
Some Guy 19 сағат бұрын
This one random guy just did a service to all Matthew's
ZeDarkEnigma 19 сағат бұрын
Everyone hating on will for this seems to be overlooking the fact that Will was backed into a corner here, he could do nothing and be looked down upon or he could do something and be looked down upon. Personally I think it’s better to be judged for something you did as opposed to being judged for something you didn’t do.
Mr Koolio
Mr Koolio 19 сағат бұрын
Wow getting paid $10 million to get punched in the face something that happens to almost every guy at least once in his lifetime what a tragedy these guys make it sound like it’s so brave brave is being a police officer running into a building when there’s gunfire that’s brave brave is not taking a slap as part of a movie when you’re getting paid lots and lots of money stop man with laugh at this comment. My house was used to film a commercial once and a stunt guy had to go through a sliding patio door which they blow up at exactly the time he hits the glass and then he had a full on brick steps …. With no pads on his arms legs or on the brick he did it and his elbow and hand were terribly cut the Director barely even said a word to the guy and I think he told me he got $1500 for that now that’s something to talk about not a little slap I’m guessing a guy like Jonah Hill probably got slapped a few times in school when there’s only about 1 million people out there who would be glad to take a slab for the kind of money he’s getting paid or even a small fraction of it
edward sheehan
edward sheehan 19 сағат бұрын
Also... Jim .. he could have taken a moment before this interview to think about it was not about him... he always seemed more human to me until this... no grace as a known person... not a word about the rest of us unfamous people. ... just about him I guess...
edward sheehan
edward sheehan 19 сағат бұрын
I was there... was not trying to be in a minute of grace...... found out how quick I could fast pack survival bags for me and my twins and get to the tunnels.... also not that pissed off when I was relieved to find out my kids would be safe.
Magnus Dominus
Magnus Dominus 19 сағат бұрын
say thank you to jada's displeased face
Erik 19 сағат бұрын
Terrific performance from Lynch
James Santiago
James Santiago 19 сағат бұрын
I blame trump and his maggots for bringing out the worse in people and normalizing violence and chaos thinking they are above the law
Martin Elliott
Martin Elliott 20 сағат бұрын
Fatk😮ed up
Mr Koolio
Mr Koolio 20 сағат бұрын
Well I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with Jim Carrey before but this one he’s 100% correct
TABB HOHAIA 20 сағат бұрын
just start somewhere
just start somewhere 20 сағат бұрын
So it's the second coming I guess you could say. More so if you are into the ancient alien theory.
Agostino Sepe
Agostino Sepe 20 сағат бұрын
Shut up, Alfie ❤
jack riff
jack riff 20 сағат бұрын
I stand with sly
roger shannon
roger shannon 20 сағат бұрын
Dam!!!syl gota beg?wow
Trash panda
Trash panda 20 сағат бұрын
It's crazy how he just fell in with the cast so perfectly. Feels like he's been in it from the start.
Chmese Chmao
Chmese Chmao 20 сағат бұрын
Brain Cranston and a plane: 😊 Heisenberg and a plane: 💥
Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy 20 сағат бұрын
Nigger dug the hole for the rest of his life.
zaberfang 20 сағат бұрын
I mean joking about a person's health issues is kinda not cool either.
Who cares
Who cares 20 сағат бұрын
Denzel Washington
Andrea Watson
Andrea Watson 20 сағат бұрын
Jonah looks really good there
really annoying guy right here
really annoying guy right here 20 сағат бұрын
But that’s Chris Tucker, I know what Chris Tucker looks like. We aren’t stupid. We can suspend our disbelief. Thanks though Ben.
Jeff Christianson-Ziebell
Jeff Christianson-Ziebell 20 сағат бұрын
It sucks because Sylvester Stallone created it… Say what you want about him, but he completely laid the foundation for the genre, as well as the specific story and the character, Apollo Creed… absolutely anybody else, including Michael B Jordan are posers and riding off the shirt, tales and coattails of Sylvester Stallone end of conversation.
I Am Groot
I Am Groot 20 сағат бұрын
he's like 1000 years old. God bless him
codflabbit 20 сағат бұрын
He's a genius.
Paranxietyoia 20 сағат бұрын
We love Mike too❤
Shruti Roychoudhury
Shruti Roychoudhury 20 сағат бұрын
Liam is a genius
Bear Shelton
Bear Shelton 20 сағат бұрын
The Fableman was one of the most boring movies I've seen in a long time.
Chris Beckham Music
Chris Beckham Music 20 сағат бұрын
That slap looks so staged
Chris Beckham Music
Chris Beckham Music 20 сағат бұрын
That slap looks so staged
summercoat 20 сағат бұрын
“When you clearly found the GI Jane 2 joke funny at first, what actually made you do a mental 180 turn and go from laughing to slapping?”
HermCorps 20 сағат бұрын
That is 1 fake ass story. I'm sry, but that did not happen. That's Tom saying "I'm so normal, that I can relate to the common folk. I'm just like them!" Sure Tom.
Yacov Melech
Yacov Melech 20 сағат бұрын
It gets boring though. I just preferred to be particularly aware of the dream while participating in what my subconscious wanted to do. Way more interesting.
Ivy Black
Ivy Black 20 сағат бұрын
In all fairness, this was the earlier days of reality TV. Now, there are so many documentaries, and behind the scenes that it's much more obvious.